WEEK LONG Art Camps 9:00-noon M-F $140

WEEK 6 August 19-23 (ages 6 up) WAITING LIST

This will be my 8th summer of my Art Cams program, offering 3 hour sessions of art for kids who love to paint and draw and make stuff! Please PURCHASE A TICKET for an Art Camp.
A typical Art Camp starts with some free-draw time followed by a painting lesson. After that, we do a bit of free-paint on big sheets of paper until snack time. Re-energized, we work on a craft. During the week long camps we work on projects that may need more than one day to complete such as paper maché, cement mosaics, fairy houses, clay, beading or tie dye t-shirts. We are very busy! We finish up the morning with a drawing lesson as time allows, or another activity depending on the group.

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